Leveraging potential through strong private equity partnership

DZ BANK successfully realises transaction in the dynamic environment of cell and gene therapy

DZ BANK AG advises the shareholders of PlasmidFactory on a transaction with private equity investor ArchiMed

Founded in 2000, PlasmidFactory is a leading contract manufacturer and service provider for plasmid and minicircle DNA. PlasmidFactory develops and manufactures exceptionally pure, high-quality plasmids and minicircles which are used to modify genes and cells and to produce viral gene therapy vectors like AAV or LV as well as mRNA for combating everything from viruses like COVID-19 to seemingly intractable diseases like cancer, cystic fibrosis, heart disease, diabetes, hemophilia and AIDS including CAR-T cell applications. As an example, plasmids are a key component for the production of mRNA COVID-19 vaccines. The company opened a new HQ (Hiqh quality) production facility in May 2022, which increases PlasmidFactory’s production capacity significantly. With the investment and support of ArchiMed, PlasmidFactory will fund the construction of an even larger GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) compliant facility. Through the transaction, the companies will combine ArchiMed’s financial power and international healthcare network with PlasmidFactory’s experience, know-how and processes to leverage PlasmidFactory’s excellent market position and unrivalled reputation as provider of exceptionally pure materials for gene and cell therapy and to further promote PlasmidFactory’s breakthrough minicircle technology. The founder and major shareholder Dr. Martin Schleef rolls over a substantial portion of his proceeds and will stay on board as PlasmidFactory’s managing director.

With offices in the US and Europe, ArchiMed is a leading investment firm focused exclusively on healthcare industries. Its mix of operational, medical, scientific and financial expertise allows ArchiMed to serve as both a strategic and financial partner to North American and European healthcare businesses. Prioritized areas of focus include Biopharmaceutical Products & Services, Life Science Tools, Medical Devices & Technologies, Diagnostics, Health Technologies & Software and Consumer Health.

The DZ BANK team consisted of Birgit Meyer zu Selhausen, Dr. Wolfgang Wybranietz, Rolf Martin Blume and Christian Radtke.

Birgit Meyer zu Selhausen, DZ BANK

„With the addition of a financially strong partner with deep roots in the industry, PlasmidFactory is now gaining speed in building new production capacity according to GMP - an important milestone for the future development of the company.“

Wolfgang Wybranietz, DZ BANK

„I am happy that our industry expertise in healthcare and gene therapy in particular was able to contribute to providing our customer with comprehensive advice and selecting exactly the right Partner for him.“

Rolf Martin Blume, DZ BANK

„PlasmidFactory truly is a gem of the German Mittelstand. Beyond that it is active in a sector which is highly relevant for society as a whole and extremely attractive for investors. Consequently, there was great interest from strategic and specialized financial investors alike. I am grateful that we were able to contribute both our deep understanding of the German Mittelstand and our industry expertise to enable PlasmidFactory to expand its undisputed quality leadership and bring the business to the next level with Archimed as a strong partner."

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