Rolf Martin Blume

Rolf Martin has been part of the Düsseldorf team of the Corporate Finance / M&A department since 2015 and has advised numerous mandates in the fields of industry, mechanical engineering, packaging, construction and agricultural engineering, among others. In addition, he is mainly responsible for the supervision of the Succession Algorithm, a tool for the automatic analysis of the corporate client portfolio of interested Volks- and Raiffeisen banks.

Before joining DZ BANK, Rolf Martin was a manager at Deloitte in the Transaction Services division.

Rolf Martin holds both a Master of Science and Bachelor of Science in International Business from the University of Maastricht and spent one semester at New York University - STERN School of Business.

Privately, Rolf Martin has been involved in white sports since his childhood and inherited his father's love for the blue and white zebras from MSV Duisburg.