Receivables-based finance

Making optimum use of your working capital together

Generate valuable liquidity from one-off or recurring receivables

The sale of individual receivables or an entire portfolio of receivables, or their securitisation, against liquidity offers you a flexible alternative to short and medium-term financing. And optimises your use of balance sheet resources.

Short-term liquidity from smaller stocks of receivables.

Longer-term liquidity from larger portfolios of receivables.

Liquidity from international export receivables.

With factoring you continuously sell your open receivables from goods deliveries and/or services. You receive the equivalent value of your receivables immediately as additional liquidity.

The securitisation of receivables is a permanent and cost-effective form of financing. The spectrum of receivables and debtors that can be purchased is very broad. Long receivables periods are also possible.

With our forfaiting solutions you generate liquidity from international export receivables. This enables you to operate on the world markets with efficiently allocated capital and risk.


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