Debt Capital Markets

Alternatives to conventional debt financing for your company

The capital market as an alternative source of financing

The capital market not only offers the possibility of raising equity capital, e.g. through an IPO, but also enables the issue of bonds or promissory note loans on the debt side. We support you with our proven expertise. Both with the first steps on the capital market and with the optimisation of your existing financing instruments.

Sustainability & Digitisation

DZ BANK is constantly working on new capital market tools to ensure that transactions run as smoothly and transparently as possible. Digitisation plays a particularly important role for us when it comes to sustainability.

Marcus Pratsch, Head of Sustainable Bonds & Finance, DZ BANK

"Sustainability has long since ceased to be a niche in the capital market. The topic is playing a central, strategic role in the day-to-day business of more and more issuers and investors. DZ BANK acts as a placer in all major capital market transactions of major German corporations and, as the leading German house in the market for sustainable bonds and promissory note loans, provides comprehensive support to its core customers in all essential matters relating to the advisory services, structuring, marketing and placement of sustainable issues."

Our initiative for the markets of tomorrow

With InGen and ESGlocate we offer investors and issuers a web-based platform to support their investment decisions for private placements and sustainable bonds.

Our value added

With over 150 sales employees in Germany and worldwide, we have one of the most comprehensive sales networks in the industry and ensure the greatest possible coverage of all investor groups for our issuers. In particular, our exclusive access to investors in the cooperative financial network promotes a granular investor structure and contributes to the price stability of the bond in the secondary market.

Global distribution network: Over 150 sales employees worldwide and coverage of all relevant investor groups

Sustainability expertise: leading house on the subject of ESG, active lobbying and committee work as well as structuring and placement activities

Comprehensive issue support: documentation, credit research, paying agent service, investor relations, structuring

High issuance support: extensive subscribers of own and externally managed promissory notes (subscription volume at approx. EUR 0.5 bn in 2019).

Top market maker in the secondary market: Daily trading volume of EUR 500 million for IG Corporate Bonds

Innovative capital market tools: Use of digital solutions along the entire value chain

Securitisation of receivables on the capital market

As DZ BANK, we have been providing our customers with particularly successful support for many years in the securitisation of their receivables portfolios using Asset Backet Commercial Paper. We develop an individual securitisation structure that is optimally tailored to your global cash flows and your receivables volume.

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