Smart packaging

A company not made of cardboard. Everything else is.

Packners has relied on the good partnership with Grafschafter Volksbank and DZ BANK since its foundation

"The smart box" is more than just an advertising slogan for the cardboard packaging specialist Packners from Schüttorf in Lower Saxony. The company produces transport and shipping cartons for bulk buyers and was able to establish itself on the market in a very short time. The company expects innovation and commitment from its house banks. With Grafschafter Volksbank eG and DZ BANK AG, Packners found partners who share this claim.

In 2009, Frank Gausepohl and his partner Dick Bannink, who has since unfortunately passed away, founded Packners in Schüttorf, accompanied by Grafschafter Volksbank eG and DZ BANK. From the very first day, the newly founded packaging specialist attached importance to producing according to the ideas of its customers without doing so at the expense of the environment. Packners processes almost exclusively corrugated board from recycled paper and, through innovations from your raw material supplier, creates more valuable packaging from less paper.

Together with the experts at Volksbank and DZ BANK, we are well positioned for further growth.

Frank Gausepohl, Managing Director Packners

Flexibility and sustainability: in production and finance

Flexibility and sustainability are also a feature of the banking relationship: since the company was founded and the ultra-modern production facility was financed to the tune of around EUR 16 million, Packners, Grafschafter Volksbank and DZ BANK have worked together in a spirit of trust and partnership in all financial matters. Both banks appreciate the extraordinary innovative strength of their customers, who most recently generated sales of almost EUR 40 million a year. While the first local contact at Volksbank is close to the customer, DZ BANK complements this with its industry and size-class experience.

Ralph Tebelmann, DZ BANK

"Even in this difficult corona environment, Packners is still on an exceptional track for success - this impressively confirms the company's good business model!"

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